The Collected Work
of Scarlot Harlot

" exciting video maker who needs little or no introduction...With so many film makers becoming whores, it's refreshing to see someone reverse the process...A new video from Carol Leigh is an event." --- SAN FRANCISCO BAY GUARDIAN

"Carol Leigh, also known as Big Red, and the Scarlot Harlot is no sleek sex kitten. Actress, writer... she claims to be an "all purpose bad girl." ---COSMOPOLITAN

The following videos were made by or with Carol Leigh aka Scarlot Harlot. Asterisks (*) indicate award winning and/or highly recommended videos. Many others would be of interest in academic or other contexts Please call or write for further information.

  • Sex and Sexual Politics

  • Poli Sci & Guerilla Sociology

  • Starring Scarlot

  • Public Access Hits

  • More Women's Issues

  • Queer Politics

    Documenting the Bay Area's multicultural and sexually diverse political and artistic communities, THE COLLECTED WORK OF SCARLOT HARLOT explores the Bay Area's historic cultural and artistic underground from an irreverent and intimate point of view. In a time when mainstream media has become a mouthpiece for corporate interests in America, Scarlot Harlot provides a fresh, irreverent perspective. Challenging conventions of sexuality, aesthetics, technology and the prevailing social system, Leigh has been a pioneer in the development of television as a tool for activism and social change. Three time American Film Institute award winner, Leigh is a recipient of grants from the Film Arts Foundation, San Francisco, the Lyn Blumenthal Memorial Fund (Chicago) and Art Matters (New York) in addition to numerous screenings and awards in the U.S. and around the world.

    She has appeared on THE DONAHUE SHOW, NIGHTLINE, GERALDO, ACCESS AMERICA, and on THE LATE SHOW with Arsenio Hall (and on numerous even sleazier shows). Ten chapters of her writing appears in SEX WORK, publlished by Cleis Press. Originally from New York, Leigh currently resides in The Bay Area. As a performance artist, Scarlot Harlot appears at San Francisco clubs and theaters.

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