San Francisco Task Force on Prostitution
Final Report 1996

Appendix D.: Exhibits-Health
The following articles can be obtained by contacting the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, 401 Van Ness, San Francisco, CA 94102 or call: 415-554-5184. Task Force documents are also filed at the San Francisco Public Library.

II. Health, Safety and Services

1. "Needs Assessment For At Risk Populations," Report Prepared for Community Outreach Project For Female Identified Sex Industry Workers," November 1995.


2. AIDSLINE, Collected Reports on Sex Workers, HIV Research and Discrimination, January 1995.

3. Prince, Diana, "A Psychological Profile of Prostitutes in California and Nevada," San Diego: United States International University, PhD. dissertation, March 1986.

4. "Federal Budget Impact on San Francisco," Presentation to the SF Board of Supervisors Budget Comittee, Controller's Office, September 20, 1995.

San Francisco Programs and Resources

5. "Agencies Targeting Outreach and Services To Sex Workers" Community Outreach Project, 1995.

6. "Resources For Substance Abusers (Adults and Youth)" Perinatal Services-Department of Public Health, 1993.

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