San Francisco Bay Area Homeless Project:
Homelessness and Survival Sex

According to most estimates, 10-20% of prostitutes in San Francisco work on the street, (with the majority working as escorts, in clubs, theaters and studios). The figures below, indicate some of the extreme conditions for vulnerable people involved in sex drug trade or survival sex.

(Please Note: The figures below refer to specifically vulnerable populations of prostitutes. These figures should not be assumed to characterize prostitutes in general, nor street prostitutes, as there is wide diversity among populations).

In a recent survey funded by San Francisco Bay Area Homeless Project, 130 persons were interviewed. The population surveyed is comprised of primarily homeless persons, engaged in sex drug exchange or survival sex. (78% currently needing housing and shelter; 84% had been homeless, and 75% using illegal substances.) The group surveyed included 75% non-transgender females 12% transgender females, 13% males.

80% had been physically assaulted
43% had been attacked by clients
66% had been raped
78% had been threatened with a weapon

Needs Assessment/Services
78% wanted "a home or safe place"
50% wanted peer counseling
73% wanted job training
67% asked for drug and alcohol treatment
50% wanted self-defense training
50% reported serious health problems

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