San Francisco Task Force on Prostitution
Final Report 1996

Appendix D.: Exhibits-Law
The following articles can be obtained by contacting the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, 401 Van Ness, San Francisco, CA 94102 or call: 415-554-5184. Task Force documents are also filed at the San Francisco Public Library.

I. Laws and Enforcement

A. Current Law and Policy: Reports

1. Condoms as Evidence in Prostitution Related Cases-Letter from Senator Milton Marks to District Attorney Arlo Smith, requesting that Smith cease the use of condoms as evidence (March 9, 1994); SF NOW re: revising current policy (March 31, 1994); Special Resolution passed by the San Francisco Task Force on Prostitution (May 10, 1994); "Condoms As Evidence of Prostitution," Legislation passed by the Board of Supervisors urging the District Attorney and the Police Commission to cease confiscating condoms and using them as court evidence for prostitution related offenses; Letter From District Attorney Arlo Smith to Director of Public Health, Dr. Sandra Hernandez agreeing to cease the use of condoms as evidence (September 6, 1994).

2. Legal Elements of Penal Code Section 647 (B); Penalties; Mandatory HIV Testing requirements.

3. The "New" Prostitution: New Cases Nationwide; criminal charges under general criminal law; HIV specific offenses; Increases in Grading and Sentencing; Quarantining; Testing cases; Civil penalties.

4. Municipal Codes- Reports regarding unconstitutionality and preemption of prostitution related municipal codes 215, 225 and 240; MIR report submitted by Gordon Park-Li containing statistical data on disposition and dismissal rate of municipal codes. (April 25, 1994 and July 6, 1994)

5. Massage Licenses- Report re: applications for and revocation of permits; massage parlor regulations, state laws effecting eligibility for licenses, individual and massage business licensing, municipal codes regulating massage businesses; Letter from Police Chief Ribera regarding police jurisdiction of massage parlor licensing.

6. Repeal of Mandatory Minimum Jail Sentences in Solicitation Cases, resolution to sponsor legislation to amend PC 647 adopted by the California Bar Association (1994).

7. Condoms: Not Admissible to Prove Prostitution-Related Crimes- resolution to sponsor legislation to amend the evidence code adopted by the California Bar Association (1994).

B. Arrest and Incarceration Statistics

8. San Francisco Police Department Arrest Reports, January to December 1994. On file with the Police Department. Adults and Juveniles Arrested by Race and Sex; Prostitution-Related Arrests in comparison with other Part II crimes. 1994.

9. Special Investigations Bureau, Vice Crimes Division, Monthly Report, December 1994.

10. Arrests From January - September 1991 and 1992, comparing Prostitution and other Part II crimes.

11. Arrest Statistics for the years 1991, 1992 and 1993; Division of Labor in Vice Crimes Unit; Training of police officers to deal with prostitution.

12. "Number of African American Inmate in SF JAIL Passes 1,000 Mark," Sheriff's Department Report and Statistics, July 1993.

C. Law Enforcement

13. Yvonne Dotson Vs. Yee , September 1995 prepared by Fania Davis, attorney for Yvonne Dotson, in accordance with settlement against San Francisco in which Federal Court Judge Marilyn Patel of the Ninth Circuit Court directed Dotson to submit recommendations for the Police Department that address police misconduct.

14. Police Response to Reports of Violence Against Prostitutes, a report from Maggie's Toronto Prostitutes' Community Service Project, September 25, 1992.

15. Report Presented to San Francisco Board of Supervisor's Hearing on Police Accountability, April 11, 1995

D. Decriminalization and Regulation

16. Resolution for Decriminalization of Prostitution Regarding Immigrant Issues, submitted by Asian AIDS Project.

17. Background Paper: The Regulation of Prostitution City of Toronto, Public Health Department April 24,1995.

18. "Australian Capital Territory Prostitution Act 1992" to regulate certain aspects of prostitution and "Brindal Bill" to decriminalise prostitution.

19. Registration, Mandatory Testing, and Health Certificates: The Record by Priscilla Alexander

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