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Friends & Lovers: The New Sex Symbols

Turning Pro:
A Guide to Sexwork for the Ambitious and the Intrigued
----$13.56 ( discount!)

An essential manual for anybody who s ever considered a career as a phone sex operator, escort, call girl, exotic dancer, adult film performer or any other kind of sex worker. The actual details of sex work; how to get a job, how to keep yourself safe, how much you can expect to make, how to plan your exit strategy, and more... as well as dozens of juicy anecdotes about life is like between the sheets.

Magdalene Meretrix has worked as a prostitute, escort, phone sex worker, professional submissive, and porn film actress. Her last full-time sex work job was in a legal Nevada brothel. She now works as a writer, paid escort and web page designer, and is an active advocate for sex workers'rights. Her articles have appeared in "Scarlet Letters" and "The Wyrmhole," and last year she chided Ann Landers in print for Ann' condescending attitude toward sex workers.

Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl by Tracy Quan
----$10.40 ( discount!)

Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl is a brilliantly written, intelligent, frank novel that introduces us to Nancy Chan, a turn-of-the-millennium call girl who lives and works on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Nancy is full of contradictory desires and the character's neuroses confirm and paraody stereotypes of elite hookers. With one foot in the bedrooms of her rich and demanding clients and one in the straight world of her unwitting fiance, who has started to apartment-hunt and arrange a wedding, Nancy keeps her two worlds from colliding in her inimitable style.

Annie Sprinkle : Post-Porn Modernist by Annie Sprinkle ----$19.96 ( discount!)

Porn-star-turned-performance-artist Annie Sprinkle presents an illustrated history of her 25-year career, documenting her transformation from ugly duckling to prostitute to porn queen to sexual healer, activist, and educator....She was discovered by porn producers soon afterward and went on to make over 200 hardcore films before leaving the industry to develop her own public performances, the most famous of which was her "Public Cervix Announcement," in which she allowed audience members to view her interior using a speculum and a flashlight. Well-written, well-illustrated, and calmly outrageous, Post-Porn Modernist is a great introduction to an American original. --Regina Marler

Women of the Light : The New Sacred Prostitute edited by Kenneth Ray Stubbs ----$11.96 ( discount!)

A very interesting compilation of well-known sex workers who provide various esoteric services. Mystical, mysterious and sexy. 'Something for everyone.' Those interested in expanding sexual horizons would be interested in this book.

Tales from the Clit : A Female Experience of Pornography edited by Cherie Matrix, Feminists Against Censorship.----$8.76 ( discount!)

Tales from the Clit: A Female Experience of Pornography. True stories by some of the world's most pro-sex feminists, these women have provided intimate, anti-censorship essays to re-establish the idea that equality of the sexes doesn't have to mean no sex. From intimate sexual experiences and physical perception through to the academic arena, this groundbreaking volume documents women's positive thoughts, uses and desires for, with and about pornography. Essays include such diverse topics as how various authors discovered porn, what porn means to a blind and deaf woman, running a sex magazine, starting a sex shop, and what the contributors would actually like to see. Tales from the Clit is erotically and intellectually arousing.

Policing Public Sex : Queer Politics and the Future of AIDS Activism edited by Dangerous Bedfellows, Ephen Glenn Colter, Wayne Hoffman, Eva Pendleton
----$16.00 ( discount!)

Collection of essays includes an essay by Carol Leigh describing police abuse issues and San Francisco civic responses after the advent of AIDS.

Uncontrollable Bodies : Testimonies of Identity and Culture edited by Rodney Sappington and Tyler Stallings ----$16.95 ( discount!)

This book is a collection of personal, lyric and philosophical essays by performance and visual artists, including an story by Scarlot Harlot, Thanks ma. An eclectic array of stories, poems, photographs, drawings, confessions, rants, dreams, and various conglomerates of words and images arranged around the notion that the human body (and the representation of it) is a battleground for every social, political, aesthetic, psychological, and sexual conflict imaginable. --

Real Live Nude Girl : Chronicles of Sex-Positive Culture by Carol Queen----$11.96 ( discount!)

"...Queen covers hooking, Madonna's Sex, a San Francisco rondele of "Jack and Jill Off" parties, and oh, so much more. And it's fun to read, which is the best tip on sex writing you'll get anywhere," writes Books for Writers.

"When she was a kid, Carol Queen was called "Queen the Queer." "Queer" was still very much an insult at the time, not the term of power and pride it has recently become. Similarly, sex was called a bad thing, a nasty thing, even for, perhaps especially for, good girl feminists. Like other sex-positive folks of her generation, Carol Queen is re-evaluating the range and possibilities of sexual experience and identity. This book gathers previously published essays on topics ranging from pelvic exams, pornography law, the men's movement, sex as art, Madonna, and sacred whoredom. Queen is an intelligent, funny writer," writes Lesbian Studies editor.

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