San Francisco Task Force on Prostitution
Final Report 1996

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Report and resource materials located at the San Francisco Public Library, Larkin and Grove Streets, San Francisco (415) 557-4400 (Government Documents Department)

Achilles Ph.D., Rona The Regulation of Prostitution- Background Paper (Toronto, 1995) This paper discusses models for prostitution regulation including decriminalization. This study explains how a recent law (C-49) against soliciting has moved prostitution from commercial stroll districts to residential areas. (Final Report: Law and Enforcement Exhibits)

AIDS and Sexual Health- Relevant CDC summaries and reports by Priscilla Alexander, Dr. Judith Cohen (U.S.) -"Female Sex Workers: Scapegoats in the AIDS Epidemic," published in Women and AIDS: The Emerging Epidemic , New York: Plenum Publishing , 1995. (Task Force Resource Exhibits: Interim Report)

Alexander, Priscilla , Whorephobia and The Law: The Problem with Prostitute Licensing (and Testing), Spectator, December 16, 1994. (Task Force Resource Exhibits)

Alexander, Priscilla, "Making a Living: Women Who Go Out," Unpublished paper, 1994. Alexander discusses numerous aspects of prostitutes' lives and issues in a global report that includes information about working conditions and health. 18 pages w/bibliography. (Task Force Resource Exhibits)

Alexander, Priscilla, "Prostitution Around the World " (1993). Database-compiled from the National Task Force on Prostitution. This 40 page chart includes information about laws, enforcement practices and issues re: mandatory testing for a wide range of countries around the globe. Includes survey form and related material. (Task Force Resource Exhibits)

Alexander, Priscilla, "Sex Workers Fight Against AIDS: An International Perspective," Unpublished Paper 1994. Alexander discusses how AIDS discourse is changing as a result of the active involvement in struggle to prevent AIDS.

Alexander, Priscilla, "Prostitution: A Difficult Issue For Feminists," in Delacoste, Frederique, & Alexander, Priscilla(eds.). Sex Work: Writings by Women in the Sex Industry. San Francisco: Cleis Press, 1987, pp. 184-214. Summarizes issues of prostitution in the context of women's rights including a lengthy report on prostitution in San Francisco, categories of prostitution, criminalized, legal, and de facto legalization, and a survey of laws and law enforcement discrimination, etc. Also discusses pimps, pornography, forced prostitution, violence against prostitutes, drugs, STDs and options for change. (Task Force Resource Exhibits)

Alternatives: Programs and Services -Preliminary summaries include brief descriptions of two residential programs and one drug treatment program. Additional research will include other recovery and treatment programs and projects. (Task Force Resource Exhibits: Interim Report)

Analysis of Senate Bill 1884, which would have made it a misdemeanor for newspapers to publish advertisements for sex workers. (Grace Suarez) (Task Force Resource Exhibits: Interim Report)

Arrest Reports: January to December 1994 (San Francisco Police Department) Adults Arrested by Race and Sex; Juveniles Arrrested by Race and Sex; Adults and Juvenilles Arrested by Unit; Adults and Juvenilles Arrested by District. (Task Force Resource Exhibits) (Final Report: Law and Enforcement Exhibits)

Arrest Statistics for the years 1991, 1992 and 1993; Division of Labor in Vice Crimes Unit; Training of police officers to deal with prostitution. (Task Force Resource Exhibits: Interim Report)

"Aussie Prostitute Rape Furor- Light sentence for rapist ignites public furor." Reuters-Sidney, Australia 92 (Task Force Resource Exhibits)

"Background Information on AB 2319," COYOTE and National Task Force on Prostitution, Submitted to the Assembly Committee on Public Safety, 1988. (Final report: Health, Safety and Services Exhibits)

Bammer, Gabriele, "Report and Recommendations of Stage 2 Feasibility Research in the Controlled Availability of Opoids," National Center For Epidemiology and Population Health, Australian Institute of Criminology, June 1995. (Final report: Health, Safety and Services Exhibits)

Barna, Stefi , "Health Aspects of Prostitution Policy in The Netherlands, " (Amsterdam, 1993). Dutch report examines the relationship between prostitution law and public health issues, including details of prostitution as it is practiced in a cities and provinces. (Task Force Resource Exhibits)

Barnard, Marinia A., Neil P. McKeyaney, and Alastair H. Leyland, "Risk Behaviors among Male Clients of Female Prostitutes," British Medical Journal, 7 August 1993, pages 361-362.

Barry, Kathleen, "Pimping, The Oldest Profession," Femle Sexual Slavery , New Jersey: Prentice-Hall,Inc., 1979. (Task Force Resource Exhibits)

Bell, Shannon, Reading, Writing and Rewriting The Prostitute Body. Indianapolis, Indiana University Press, 1994. See, "Prostitute Performances: Sacred Carnival Theorists of The Female Body," pp. 137-184. This chapter describes performances by sex worker artists. (Task Force Resource Exhibits).

Bonilla, Louis, "Women in Need of Services: Street Prostitutes in North Philadelphia," May 18, 1992. (Final report: Health, Safety and Services Exhibits)

Bradley, Kent, "Polk Street Sweep Nets Nine on Election Night," Bay Area Reporter, November, 1995.
Braine, Naiomi, 1993., "Women, Drugs and Harm Reduction", People With AIDS Coalition Newsline, pages 16-21. (Final report: Health, Safety and Services Exhibits)

Brown, BethAnn, MA."Women Impacted by Violence and Substance Abuse: A San Francisco Needs Assessment, " Sponsored by "The San Francisco Commission on the Status of Women, 1993." (Final report: Health, Safety and Services Exhibits)

Bruno, Mary, "Safe Haven" Magazine story about Mary Magdalene Project in Southern California. (Task Force Resource Exhibits)

California Prostitutes Education Project (Priscilla Alexander), "Prostitutes Prevent AIDS: A manual For Health Educators," 1988.(Task Force Resource Exhibits)

California Laws Affecting Prostitution from Appendix IV, includes state laws referring to prostitution (not including municipal or other codes referring to loitering, etc.) (Task Force Resource Exhibits)

Chavkin, Wendy and Denise Paone,"Drug Treatment For Women with Sexual Abuse Histories," Chemical Dependency Institute, Beth Israel Medical Center, New York, 1992. (Final report: Health, Safety and Services Exhibits)

Chebium, Raju ,"South Florida police accused of having sex with teenagers before arrests," Associated Press, July 31, 1993. (Task Force Resource Exhibits)

Children of The Night, Youth services targeting teenage prostitutes in Southern California, statistics and description of services. Frank Slater " Dr. Lois Lee, Answering the Cries of Children," Uncle Jam International June 1985. (Task Force Resource Exhibits)

City and County of San Francisco Court Management Report, #4344, April 1994. Request for 215MP, 225 MP and 240 MP Complaints For Active Cases For Gordon Park Li. (Final Report: Law and Enforcement Exhibits)

Cohen, Judith, Priscilla Alexander and Constance Woofsey. " Prostitutes and AIDS: Public Policy Issues" AIDS and Public Policy Journal, Volume 3., pages 16-22. 1988. (Final report: Health, Safety and Services Exhibits)

Condoms as Evidence of Prostitution, Legislation submitted by Terence Hallinan and Angela Alioto, passed by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors June 1994. Condoms Not Admissible to Prove Prostitution Related Crimes, submitted by Erin Crane, Hallinan Legislation on Condoms as Furtherance, memo from Carol Stuart. Letter to Arlo Smith DA Arlo Smith, agreeing to six month trial period to cease use of condoms as evidence. Letter from Marie Park, Public Defender regarding continued use of condoms as evidence, September 26, 1995. (Final Report: Law and Enforcement Exhibits)

Conference on Traffic in Persons, (University of Utrecht, Department of Law of International Organisations 1995. This document was developed at a University Conference to address issues of trafficking and prostitution addressing recommendations that distinguish between forced and voluntary prostitution. (Task Force Resource Exhibits)

Constitutionality of police sweeps and problems faced by persons arrested for Municipal Police Code violations. (Final Report: Law and Enforcement Exhibits)

Cooper, Belina, "Prostitution With a Human Face," The Edge (Berlin, February 2-15, 1989) p. 7. Prostitution in Berlin, including a report on prostitute run self-help center Hydra, funded by the Berlin Senate. (Task Force Resource Exhibits)

Costs of Drug Criminalization-Chart, Harm Reduction Coalition, San Francisco, 1991. (Final report: Health, Safety and Services Exhibits)

Day, Sophia, Helen Ward, Louise Perrotta, "Male Partners of Female Prostitutes," British Medical Journal, 7 August 1993, Vol. 307, pp. 359-360. (Final report: Health, Safety and Services Exhibits)

Dealing With Prostitution in Canada, A Consultation Paper, The Federal-Provincial-Territorial Working Group on Prostitution, March 1995. This paper contains a discussion of a number of options that have been proposed in preliminary discussions with municipalities, community groups, police and people involved in the sex trade. (Task Force Resource Exhibits)

Decriminalization of Prostitution-Background Paper, submitted by Rachel West, US PROStitutes' Collective. (Final Report: Law and Enforcement Exhibits)

Draizen, Carol , "Goals and Methodology of Coalition on Prostitution Street Survey. " Discusses prostitutes' advocacy in San Francisco including issues of debate for activists, issues re: race, class, culture and information about pimping; includes resource guide for services for sex workers. 25 Pages, 1993. (Task Force Resource Exhibits)

Drugs: The Intersection of Policies and Programs - Investigations of drug laws, policies and services as they intersect with issues of prostitution. (Task Force Resource Exhibits: Interim Report)

"Elderly Women charged with prostitution in Portland massage case," SF Examiner/AP 10-5-93 . (Task Force Resource Exhibits)

Establishing Legislation For San Francisco Task Force on Prostitution, September 1993. (Task Force Resource Exhibits: Interim Report)

Bibliography of excerpts from historic texts, newspapers, etc. regarding the history of Prostitution in San Francisco. (Task Force Resource Exhibits)

"Federal Budget Impact on San Francisco, " Presentation to Board of Supervisors, Controller's Office, September 1995.

Chew, Lin Lap "The Significance of The Women's Conference in Beijing for Work on the Issue of Trafficking in Women," Foundation Against Trafficking in Women, Utrecht, Netherlands, November 1995.

Fullilove, Mindy Thompson, MD, E. Anne Lown, MPH, and Robert E. Fullilove EdD., "Crack 'Hos and Skeezers: Traumatic Experiences of Women Crack Users" The Journal of Sex Research, May 1992, Vol. 29/No. 2 pp. 275-287. (Final report: Health, Safety and Services Exhibits)

George, John and Reda Sobky, "Making Drugs Illegal Solves Nothing" Oakland Tribune, 198

George, John and Sobky, Reda, "User vs. Addict/Abuser; What is Harm Reduction? Making drugs illegal solves nothing," Harm Reduction Coalition-Newsletter, 1994.

German Prostitutes Demand Insurance - Prostitutes say they are no more likely to get AIDS, want equal government benefits, SF Examiner, Reuters, Kassel, Germany 6-93 (Task Force Resource Exhibits)

Giobbe, Evelina, "Pimp as Predator: Victim Blaming Theories and Racist Slurs," NCASA News, National Coalition Against Sexual Assault, Spring 1991, p. 23. (Task Force Resource Exhibits)

Goldsmith, Barbara , "Woman on The Edge," New Yorker, April 26, 1993, pp. 64-81. Describes outreach work to prostitutes by AIDS researcher, Joyce Wallace. Interesting personality profile covers some of the issues of AIDS, drugs, prostitution. (Task Force Resource Exhibits)

Goodson, Teri, "Safety, Stigma and The Law" Report prepared in conjunction with National Organization for Women, Prostitution Committee. (Task Force Resource Exhibits: Interim Report)

Guest Speaker, Joseph Kramer-Notes from Kramer's presentation to the Health Committee. (Task Force Resource Exhibits: Interim Report)

Guest Speaker, Priscilla Alexander-Notes from Alexander's presentation to the Health Committee. (Task Force Resource Exhibits: Interim Report)

Hay, Jeremy ,"You're Under Arrest, Spread Your Legs" Gauntlet, Magazine Issue # 7. 1994. A report on the police abuse of prostitutes in San Francisco by a former Tenderloin Times writer. (Task Force Resource Exhibits)

Heather, "User Vs. Addict/Abuser" Harm Reduction Communication, Fall 1995, page 6. (Final report: Health, Safety and Services Exhibits)

"HIV Incidence and Prevalence in San Francisco 1992: Summary Report from an HIV Consensus Meeting", Surveillance Branch, SF AIDS Office, Department of Health, Feb 12, 1992. (Final report: Health, Safety and Services Exhibits)

Human Rights Violations of Sex Trade Workers in San Francisco. (Task Force Resource Exhibits: Interim Report)

Hunter, Susan Kay, Council For Prostitution Alternatives Newsletter, Portland, Oregon, Fall 1993. Organization established in response to Portland City Club prostitution study, provides residential treatment, emergency services, drop in facility and more-report covers services available, racism and prostitution, international issues. (Task Force Resource Exhibits)

Hunter, Susan Kay, "Prostitution is Cruelty and Abuse to Women and Children," Michigan Journal of Gender and Law Volume 1, 1993. Hunter discusses exceptionally high rates of abuse/rape/other crimes perpetrated against prostitutes surveyed through recovery services at the Council on Prostitution Alternatives. Refers to torture, ritual abuse, Satanism, and other methods of entry for this population of prostitutes, includes first person testimony. (Task Force Resource Exhibits)

Immigration Consequences of Prostitution-Related Convictions. (Task Force Resource Exhibits: Interim Report)

"Intercourse Now Main Cause of AIDS in Women" Altman, Lawrence K., for New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, 23 July 1993.

Issues specific to Transgender Women in Prostitution- In this report by community activist, co-founder Transgender Nation, Christine Tayleur discusses problems and issues specific to transgender people in the context neighborhood concerns. (Task Force Resource Exhibits: Interim Report)

Jail Study: Issues and Programs for women in jails. (Task Force Resource Exhibits: Interim Report)

Jeffreys, Sheila ,The Sexuality Debates, Published by Routledge & Kegan Paul, New York and London. Includes over a hundred pages of speeches and letters by prostitution abolitionists at the turn of the century including reports of the Contagious Disease Acts, government regulation of prostitution and speeches by Josephine Butler. (Task Force Resource Exhibits)

Jenness, Valerie," From Sex as Sin to Sex as Work: COYOTE and the Reorganization of Prostitution as a Social Problem," Social Problems (Vol. 37, No. 3, August 1990) p. 403. Jenness presents the history and platform of COYOTE and the prostitutes' rights movement. (Task Force Resource Exhibits)

Judge Drops 19 Vice Cases- 'Sex Bias,' San Francisco Chronicle October 3, 1975. Judge Ollie Marie