The Trafficking Debate:

Trafficking and Anti-Trafficking:
Does Anti-Trafficking = Anti-Prostitute?

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The Debate

  • Australian Prostitutes' Rights Perspective: Joint Statment Protesting Anti-Trafficking Agenda(s)
  • An Anti-Trafficking/Anti-Prostitution Perspective
  • Her Point of View: Dawn, immigrant from Thailand, sex worker and health outreach worker offers her perspective on Beijing trafficking controversies
  • Trafficking and The Distinction Between Forced and Voluntary Prostitution
  • Girls (forced to) Dance Naked!
  • Editorial: Review of Radio Broadcast on Global Trafficking of Women
  • Foundation Against Trafficking of Women: Background Material
  • Trafficking, Stigmatisation and Strategies for Alliances
  • Papers on Trafficking, White Slavery and the Moral Panic
  • Sex Worker Issues at the United Nations World Conference on Women, Beijing '95

    General Information About Trafficking

  • Global Alliance Against Traffic In Women
  • Legal Agenda for Migrant Prostitutes and Trafficked Women on the Internet
  • Utrecht Conference on Traffic in Persons
  • Migrant Workers Rights Homepage
  • New Research on Traffic in Women- from Voices of Thai Women, Thailand
  • Decriminalization and Immigration (San Francisco 1994)
  • UN Resolution for Protection of Migrant Workers and Their Families
  • Research on Trafficking